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Image by pariwat pannium

Coffee That Cares

At Gorilla Highland Coffee, we strongly believe that the best coffee needs to taste good, smell good and do good. Our aim is to deliver the best single origin Ugandan specialty coffee. Coffee that does good things.

We Do Good Things.

We want to create lasting change in Ugandan coffee growing communities. As such, We have committed to direct trade prices for our farmers, fair and equitable livelihoods for our employees and environmental stewardship for the protection of mountain gorillas. Sustainable farming practices support our farming communities. 

Gorilla Highlands Coffee is privileged to be in the world's best location to encounter the majestic and critically endangered mountain gorilla. Its numbers had declined rapidly due to poaching and habitat destruction but we have been pivotal in reversing this. The people who once relied on poaching and harvesting crops from gorilla habitats are now our farmers. As a direct result, gorilla numbers have risen from 800 to 1200 (2019 gorilla censes), tourism has increased and the relationship between the wildlife and the community is stronger than ever - all thanks to a love of coffee!

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