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A 150 Year Centennial Farm

The Sutton Weed Farm is a designated Centennial farm, meaning the same family has managed and operated the farm for 125 years.  Like many farmers SWF (Sutton Weed Farms) are in a battle to make enough to be competitive Agri-Business Competitors.  In 2018 the Federal Banking Bill legalized Hemp, and Bi-Products for people, dogs, animals and plants.  This opened the markets for a potential secondary revenue from CBD, and BioMass.  BioMass is a term describing griding processing the 3 elements of Hemp.  Hurd which can be used for everything from Livestock bedding to the filler to replace Kevlar protective vests.  The Fiber, which is being used to produce a replacement to Plastic product for Dashboard, and interior appointments.  BMW is a major player in that market.  The fiber is the material SWF uses for Hemp masks and clothing, t-shirts, and lately higher fashion for Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.  Finally the Oil, which is the basis for CBD products.  SWF started slowly with research for seeds, quality and meeting the .03% limitation on THC in the products.  The Cannabanoids and plant chemistry give the beauty, wellness, and medical benefits through the products sold from our Natural Oil Extraction project.


The SWF started planting in the 2020 season as part of the Michigan Agricultural Research Project for learning about Hemp, products, benefits and problems.   SWF entered this market by growing their first Plants for testing our consumer products, and developing an American product with certainty of origin, and quality, and Products that work.  See the list of products available on our Web Site, and please come by and visit the farm if your in the Area.  It’s a Family business, and we like meeting people interested in the benefits of CBD as a positive product to introduce to our lifestyles

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